#CollinsTweet episodes for Sunday, July 19, 8pm EST

Last week on #CollinsTweet: SOMETHING HAPPENED. First, David wishes Roger into the cornfield not long after Victoria saw Burke checking out Roger’s car — a fact systematically revealed to everyone over the course of the episode except Roger. Then, after searching 7/8 of an episode for his car keys, Roger finally leaves to meet Burke […]

#CollinsTweet episodes for Sunday, July 12, 8pm EST

Last week on #Collinstweet: Elizabeth and Roger continued to parse Burke Devlin’s intentions in the parlor. Victoria also notices Burke examining Roger’s car, but this knowledge is soon overwhelmed by the New Englandish whirlwind that is Matthew in supper-fixing-mode. Joe and Carolyn go to the Blue Whale, where Burke is waiting for Roger, but he […]